Our Carriages

The growing interest in horse drawn vehicles has developed for many reasons. One will fully appreciate the brief moment it takes for us to start a car and quickly move about our highway system, after the time and effort it takes to put a pair of horses to the carriage and then reverse the process to put them away!


IMG_3004 IMG_3007 carriage1 horseride carri1 carri21 carri31

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The tradition, style and beauty of a great turnout of carriage, horses and harnesses is wonderful. There are so many complexities that one learns to appreciate.


We have put together a collection of about 16 vehicles. Most of them are about 100 years old. We have built a 2,400 square foot carriage house to display them. The room is also a great place for gatherings to enjoy the carriages and the setting in the vineyards. The variety of carriages range from formal to the everyday “runabout”.
Please feel free to visit us and get a feel of what travel used to be!