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Extra Virgin Olive Oil. . . .

Carriage Estate just won 2 more medals for their Extra Virgin Olive Oil!!

2011 Gold medal California Olive Oil Council Competition!

2009 Gold Medal at the Mid State Fair for Carriage Vineyards Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2009 Silver Medal!

Two Silver Medals won at the 2009 COOC Competition!

Try Our Award Winning Olive Oil – “2006 & 2007 Gourmet Food Show San Diego Silver Medal Winner”

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed from olives harvested before they are fully ripened, this makes the purest, highest quality olive oil. Our olives produce less oil than some, but are of superior quality. “Virgin” olive oil is the term for oil pressed from very ripe olives, which produce oil higher in fatty acid and reduced health benefits, Virgin Olive Oil is good, but not as pure as Extra virgin Olive Oil. “Pure” olive oil is a commercial grade oil which blends flavors and second pressings of the olives. This is the least pure of the three.

Think of extra virgin olive oil as you would pure fruit juice — that’s exactly what it is. Fruit gathered by hand is rushed to the olive press and “squeezed” so that you can have a sweet, fresh product which is as remarkably healthy for you as it is delicious. Why use oil extracted from grain or seeds that have been chemically processed when you can have this beautiful product which has been a staple of the Mediterranean diet since Biblical times?

Sun, stone, drought, silence and solitude: these are the five ingredients that, according to Italian folk traditions, create the ideal habitat for the olive tree.

We treasure extra-virgin olive oil for its nutritional and salutary virtues. La Cucina Italiana reports that extra-virgin olive oil is the most digestible of the edible fats: it helps to assimilate vitamins A, D and K; it contains so-called essential acids that cannot be produced by our own bodies; it slows down the aging process; and it helps bile, liver and intestinal functions. It is also valued for its culinary virtues and organoleptic properties as well: flavor (sapore), bouquet (aroma), and color (colore).

Climate, soil, variety of tree (cultivar) and time of harvest account for the different organoleptic properties of different oils. Certain extra-virgin olive oils are blends of varieties of olives; others are made from one cultivar.

The European Community gives the following parameters:
* Extra-virgin olive oil with perfect taste is oil of the highest quality; it has a minimum organoleptic rating of 6.5 out of 10, low acidity (1% or less), and is untreated.

* Olive oil has a minimum organoleptic rating of 5.5, a maximum of 2% acidity and is untreated.

* The production of all other olive oils involves treatments.

Raspberry Red Wine Vinegar

Natural raspberry flavor is added to red wine vinegar, which is the aged and filtered product obtained from the acetous fermentation of select red wine. Raspberry Red Wine Vinegar has a characteristic dark red color and a piquant, yet delicate raspberry flavor. Uses: Sprinkle Raspberry Vinegar on fruit salads; use as a marinade or basting sauce for meats; use as an ingredient in your favorite salad dressing, or use by itself on salads or cooked vegetables.
Champagne Vinegar

When it comes to making a light and flavorful salad dressing, champagne vinegar is an ingredient that is sure to please. As a light vinegar that bears a similar taste to that of good quality champagne, this designer vinegar can be used to create an exciting cosmopolitan taste that will add zing to the plainest of salads. Here are some basic facts about champagne vinegar, including some examples of how the vinegar can be used to create a dressing or marinade that is ideal for different types of cold salads and vegetables.
Once each champagne grape hull is removed and the liquid drained, the end result is a vinegar that has a slight hint of vanilla taste, coupled with the rich flavor of champagne. It is not unusual for people to mix champagne vinegar with other vinegars, especially those with a slightly fruity taste, to create the basis for a number of different types of vinaigrettes.

As a great way to make a low calorie dressing toss, use one packet of artificial sweetener and a few tablespoons of champagne vinegar. The combination will provide both a sweet and acidic quality to the salad greens that many people find to be a wonderful compliment. This simple dressing idea is especially good for persons who are controlling diabetic conditions with diet, as well as people with allergies to ingredients normally found in bottled salad dressings

The Old and the New style. . . Bottles
for Carriage Estate

Which has more olive oil in it?

The new, Aluminium bottles have just a smidge more olive oil!

• Environmentally friendly bottle that is TRULY recyclable.

• Handy size – full volume.

• Unbreakable with resealable screw cap & drip resistant drizzle spout.

• Protects precious vinegar from damaging light.

• Bottle has a food sealed liner.